August 08, 2014 - 18:40

~ The every-few-years check-in ~

I seem to forget about this diary's existence, for the most part, and then out of nowhere, I'll click to it and see the last entry from a couple year's back.

Life is quite beautiful and progressing. This past year has been the most spiritual and wonderful of my life. Essentially, everything changed and I've discovered that I have a lot of power to form my own life.

I'm forming my own life. I'm also surrendering my life to it's ultimate purpose. In a way, I'm being self-directing while also leaving things to Fate. The balance is kind of working working for me. My circle of friends is getting larger and there are more spiritual types close by. I'm letting go of a lot of old anger... in a way, that's proving easier than I thought, but then, I'm also working on it.

It looks like my (second) career is working out. My new apartment is about as great at one could hope for. My city suits me. Friendships are increasingly amazing. I'm recently single and considering doing a year of celibacy, to focus on what I'm choosing in my relationships. I think I need some quiet in that area of my life.... I feel like being a vegetarian makes you interact with animals and the world differently (perhaps more gently and with more compassion). I think being celibate may have the same effect in how I think about dating, relationships and intimacy. I think it's worth finding out. Other than that (haha, which is like, "Other than every single thing in my life is different and has improved since I last checked in 3 years ago") not much to report. Life is good. I'm a happy, healthy, fortunate, emotionally sober woman. Who knew THAT would be possible?!

ps - heather (aka SB), you've locked your diary. I wish i could still read how you're doing since you were such an interesting part of my university years. hope life is treating you well :)

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