September 30, 2010 - 13:01

~ Life in Europe ~

I don't update anymore. I just come here to read what other people have written. Funny, D-land didn't look so dated when i first created an account. Now, this site looks like something from 2000. Which, it is.

I live in Switzerland now...for the moment, with my boyfriend. We're going to Haiti in 2011 to do some reconstruction work (well...he'll do that, I'll look for a job). It's pretty likely we'll get married, and then I guess Switzerland (the German part) will become my home permanently. Which is ok. I miss the informality of exchanges between people (friends and strangers) in North America, but otherwise, a lot of things seem to make more sense here. Like when I buy shampoo, or syrup, it doesn't have to come in a litre. I can get things in non-family size.

I can't speak German (or Swiss German) yet, but I generally like being in a country that I don't speak the language. It's quieter for me. I don't notice ad spaces as much, and I can ignore the chatter around me. Plus, it forces me to try to learn a new language. I start my intensive German classes in 4 days.

Life is ok these days. I'm happy.

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