May 17, 2010 - 18:38

~ Moving to Toronto ~

I'm still puttering around. Check in on this diary twice a year or so when I think of it... I guess to keep it semi current so I don't feel I wasted 4 years writing here just to have it disappear into cyberspace.

Life is good for me. I am going to be moving across Canada (5,000km) to Toronto in July, leaving this apartment I've loved living in for 4 years. I'll take a language course, and then move to Europe to try living with my boyfriend for 3 months. I keep joking that I'm "waiting for my proposal", but I'm only half-kidding. I can't work in his country unless we get married...and we're both turning 29 this year. So while I'm not dead-set on marriage, in our case, it's kind of mandatory if we're going to be together.

So, I'll move in with him and keep trying to learn German. After my tourist visa expires, I'll move back to Toronto and enroll in school. And after that... nothing is planned. A year from now, I might be enrolled in that school program and taking the semester in Europe. I might be engaged. I could be living in Toronto. Or it could be none of the above.

My life is in flux, but as my boyfriend put it yesterday (christ, Skype wasn't even invented when I started this diary) it's all positive changes coming.

I feel quite happy these days, generally. :)

Hindsight is Always 20/20 & The Future is All Hope

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